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Make Star Treatment Books

 part of your Patient

and Family-Centered Care!




Here are places currently using Star Treatment Books:

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*Customization available for orders of 100+

How Star Treatment Books help patients and doctors:

Our books provide prompts for interaction that are quick, comfortable, and simple for both doctors and patients. Providing the books to your patients can help:


  • Build Trust and Rapport

  • Encourage Questions and Patient Disclosure

  • Increase Family Support & Satisfaction


Our goal is to make doctors' jobs easier so that you can deliver the best possible care!


The books uniquely put kids and teens in the driver's seat as a tool to help them participate in their treatment in a positive way. 


Simply handing a child a book and telling them they are a VERY IMPORTANT PATIENT can be a transformative action that immediately encourages patient and family engagement. 

Sample Pages:

You can sign your name here! Quickly and easily building rapport with new patients and their families!

"How are you feeling


"Do you have any


Fun ice-breakers like this help pave the way for patients to feel more comfortable sharing important information with you!

Both books directly encourage and facilitate the honest communication of health needs.

Click on the books to view samples!

Medical Study:


A University of Michigan study showed that patients who used a special notepad reported enhanced communication with their doctor and viewed interactions with physicians as more positive. This simple tool was widely accepted and used and increased patient satisfaction with the ability to "enhance a patient's overall experience with their providers and the hospital."  


( "Dear Doctor" Journal of Hospital Medicine;

Volume 8 (10) – October 1, 2013.)


Star Treatment Books serve a similar purpose for pediatric patients. The books are currently under review to be a part of a study involving patients and their families at CHOP Cancer Center.


Please contact us if you/your hospital are interested in conducting a study involving our books!


















Coming Soon:


Currently we have two books that are mostly used in the in-patient setting, but we are working on developing a modified product for ER and Community Hospital use. Please let us know if you'd like to receive a sample of this product and/or are interested in having us make a specialty product to fit the needs of the patients you serve. 

Contact us to place an order, receive pricing info or answer any questions you may have!

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