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Our books (developed by a childhood cancer survivor) not only provide fun and entertainment, but are uniquely designed to improve the hospital experience by helping kids and teens interact positively with their medical team.


The books encourage creativity and self-expression, and let kids be kids without an emphasis on their illness.

Star Treatment Books:



 I Am A Very Important Patient
Specialized Activity Book with a Hollywood Theme
             for kids ages 5-12






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  • With help from fans (friends and family) and an entourage (doctors and nurses), kids use their VIP pass to collect autographs from other stars, hand out special awards, create their own movie poster and more!


  • Encourages creativity, self-expression, and time for kids to be kids.


  • Helps kids cope and find fun at the hospital.








$19.95 + Shipping

Please Contact Us for orders of 10+ to receive discounts!

The Official Very Important Patient Handbook 

Part Journal/Part Specialized Activity book for Teens

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Use this book for self-expression, fun and gaming, sharing, venting, laughing, and more—NO RESTRICTIONS!


  • Every page includes ideas for teens to write, draw, and create in their own personal way.


  • Inside are hospital scavenger hunts, ways to stump doctors with medical words, a guide to creating their own comedy stand-up set and more!

$13.95 + Shipping

Please Contact Us for orders of 10+ to receive discounts!

Here are some places currenty using Star Treatment Books:

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