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V.I.P. Films:

V.I.P. Films is the non-profit 501(c)3 branch of the organization that develops customized short comedy movies for children and teens of all ages based on their own ideas and interests! This is provided free of charge to patients referred to us, as funds allow. For every book that is sold, a portion of the order goes towards providing a child with a V.I.P. Film.

 See how we can bring a child's creative ideas to life! 



After talking with 7 year old John we learned:


  • He LOVES baseball! (favorite team is The Phillies)


  • A question he had for his doctor, Dr. Anderson, was "Where would you like to go on a vacation?"


  • He created a super-hero who could talk to dogs and wears a helmet to be able to hear what the dog is thinking.


How it Works:


  • We schedule a short conversation by phone/Skype with a child to learn more about their interests and explore their creative ideas!

    • A child's siblings and/or friends can also be involved.

"What five things would you bring with you to a desert island?"

"What would happen if your favorite movie character went to school with you?"

"What kinds of things would be at THE BEST PARTY EVER!"

"Who would you want to see having a dance battle?"

"Has my doctor ever been sky diving?"

  • Professional actors bring a child's creative ideas to life!

    • We can feature the Very Important Patient in special ways by using his/her autograph, voice, picture, etc.


  • A section of the film can include learning something fun about a child's doctor or other member of his/her medical team.

    • We want to encourage positive interactions with medical team members by creating opportunities for doctors and nurses to join in on the fun!



  • A DVD copy of the film is given to the child and his/her family to keep and enjoy! (no one else receives a copy)


  • No charge to families!

If you would like to recommend a child to receive a V.I.P. Film, please Contact Us!





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